What is Goddess?


Video IntroAs you will read in the history section, the Age of Materialism now just some 17 months past (as of June 2016) was a time in which, at its deepest point – called the Dark Ages – human consciousness was at its lowest ebb. Since that time, it has been steadily rising through the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the Silicone Chip Technology and the Internet and now we move steadily into the Age of Community in which mankind once again recognises that we are all part of one single system called humanity.

As Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD is wont to say, “The human body is a co-operating community of 70 trillion cells. Mankind is ONE community with around 7 billion participants.”

During the previous age, it became very difficult for mankind to perceive anything other than the mundane; hence “The Age of Materialism”. Anything which, plainly, existed but could not be contained in a physical form was ascribed the status of god or goddess. Each culture developed its own list of god/goddess names, called the pantheon. Just to make this clear, even the Christian church has done this but “hidden “ it with a little “sleight of hand” – their “junior gods” are called archangels, cherubs and demons.

Being a totally patriarchal political structure, the church excluded all aspects of femininity. They managed to hold this position for some 500 years (from the time of Constantine – see “The Key to Luck” for details) but, in the 9th century, they were forced by their inability to eliminate Goddess from the minds of the people to invent Mary as a special goddess case “because she gave birth to their senior god, Jesus”.

As human consciousness rises once again, we become gradually more aware of the energies which our forefathers deified (how come we never have foremothers?). So we begin to perceive them as guiding principles in the universal energy flows which sustain us.

“Goddess” is that aspect which feeds, nurtures and comforts us – the mother!