The Transmissions


If you are not yet familiar with the Healing Transmissions from Karma Singh, you can learn all about them as well as experiencing them directly free of charge upon this website.

The Goddess Transmissions work primarily with the energy structure of the pancreas. Because of the negation of the value of the female power during the Age of Materialism (an almost completely patriarchal system), this organ is in almost all people chronically weak.
Diabetes Mellitus is almost certainly known to you – a state in which one biochemical function of the pancreas, i.e. to produce insulin, has completely broken down.

There are many, many other functions of the pancreas – mostly unrecognised by medical “science” – which, with a weakened organ, causes a great many maladies all of which, as with diabetes, are on the list of “incurable diseases”.

There is no such thing as an incurable disease!
Such would contradict the basic structure of this universe.

Other problems caused by a weakened pancreas are:

Intestinal weakness
Impotence & frigidity
Relationships problems – both in establishing and maintaining them
A weakened pancreas can also play a large role in heart attacks
And much, much more…………

Basically, almost all human beings have been in a state of chronic system weakness for several thousands of years! It, therefore, makes a great deal of sense to correct this central weakness.

Each transmission is to be used for a minimum of 3 times daily and a maximum of seven times.

1st Transmission

Begins the process of clearing out old, stagnant energy from your pancreas.

This should be used for the first five days or until you notice no further effects – whichever is the LONGER.

2nd Transmission

Continues this process and begins to reconnect you with the Goddess Energy.

This should be used for a minimum of two weeks. Many people need to use this much longer. The rule is, when you notice no further effects, then go onto the third transmission.

3rd Transmission

Prepares your pancreas to receive the Goddess Energy. This can be very intense as your entire body and mind systems begin to realign themselves with the abundant universe. Several weeks’ usage is wise.

Final Transmission

Is the pure Goddess Energy. Many of the things which you will experience have been so long forgotten that we no longer have even names for them. This pushes you inexorably upon the road to fulfilment. For some people, 2 to 3 years’ usage will be needed. For others, great changes will happen over a few months. The changes will occur at the highest rate that you can tolerate so, please, don’t overdo the recommended dosage!