Organ Functions


This is knowledge which has been withheld from medical students as it causes serious reductions in the sale of pharmaceuticals. Were the cause of an illness to be removed instead of merely suppressing symptoms then the “need” for pharmaceuticals would largely disappear.

Each organ of the human body is defined in medical training as a biochemical machine. Although this is true, it is merely a small part of the function of each organ.

Much, much more important in the sense of health care are the emotional and informational resonances of your body’s organs. As modern quantum biophysics clearly shows us, the basic construction of everyone’s physical body is identical (except in some rare, often non-viable mutations). This is so because this basic information is generally available via the human morpho-genetic field. Although the first well-known published work on this theme dates from the early 1960’s (“The Hundredth Monkey” from Ken Keynes) it was Dr. Rupert Sheldrake who first committed the “scientific heresy” of codifying this in a coherent scientific theory.

Karma Singh and others have gone further than this, however, and, based upon ancient Tao teachings as well as other sources including many years of practical research, have identified emotional pairs which have major effects upon the function of all of your organs. Each organ is affected by its own pair of emotions, one of which is destructive and the other regenerative. Interestingly, the Essenes teach that normal human life expectancy is around 800 to 900 years of which the first 100 are the most difficult as it is in this time that we must learn to order out emotions. If nobody ever teaches how this is to be done, it is small wonder that so few even reach the 100 year barrier let alone go youthfully through it.

Some examples of emotional pairs and the organs they affect are:

Liver – anger or happiness
Lungs – depression or elation
Heart – panic or thankfulness
Small intestine – helplessness or powerful
Large intestine – victim consciousness or abundance
Pancreas – abandonment/lack or divine nurture

Extracts from the book which Karma Singh is currently writing going into full details of this can be downloaded free of charge from this webpage.