This is a word so seldom used that it has already begun to slide into the world of the forgotten.

Perhaps you have a vague concept that it means a new car or your bank balance being in plus. This is, however, not even a glimmer of its true meaning.

Let me try to make it a little clearer for you this way:

You know that wherever water flows, it will first fill up every hollow and depression. It can do no other because it has no restrictions of its own.

Abundance, although not a liquid but rather an energy flow, flows very much in the same manner. Having no restrictions, it seeks to enter everywhere and to fulfill every need. You can only restrict or stop abundance by erecting barriers and fighting with all your might against it. Abundance, like light, is a natural property of this universe. There is nowhere that light cannot enter unless a barrier is set up to prevent it.

Unlike for light, there are no natural barriers against abundance. All such barriers are created by the mind and the hand of mankind.

We, mankind, have just completed our time in the Age of Materialism; a patriarchal, pyramidal society experience with a self-appointed exploitive elite at the top. In our new Age of Community we must release the barriers to abundance which were needed to create the Age of Materialism.

In order to experience lack and insufficiency it is first necessary to erect barriers to abundance otherwise it will just flow in and eliminate the lack. I do not believe that there are many people who would consciously choose to create lack. Certainly, there would be nowhere near sufficient numbers to create the patriarchy just passed. To get people en-mass to create lack requires a very great deal of indoctrination and manipulation. The first pre-requisite is to build a belief that lack and insufficiency are even possible.

In a society of low consciousness level and very restricted communication between communities this is relatively easy to do. All that is needful is some “natural disaster”, such as rain failing to fall and, as a consequence, no harvest plus someone willing to promote himself by proclaiming that the rain failed as a “punishment from the Gods” for disobedience. Such persons then form a “priesthood” with the self-appointed task of passing on the “orders of the Gods”. This organisation has, then, a vested interest in creating and maintaining lack, poverty and dis-ease.

Over the centuries, this ruling elite has changed hands several times. From the initial animalistic “priesthood” to organised religions to an aristocracy “special by birth” to “sweet talking politicians” and, finally, to the cartels led by the banking cartel which steals more than 65% of the wealth which you create in order to maintain your belief in lack and their “special status” to defend you against “the whims of the Gods”.

Were you to allow abundance to freely flow, their system would instantly collapse. They need your active participation to maintain the illusion of lack and, thereby, their special status at the top of the pyramid which they have created.

As you will have noted from the organ function page, both the large intestine and the pancreas are involved in this. Of the two, the pancreas is the more important as it is the switch in which the expectation of nurture (which, naturally, gives rise to abundance) resides. On the one hand, in its chronically weakened state as the result of the centuries of the patriarchy, the expectation of lack and debt are so strong that, for most people, this appears to be an inescapable trap. On the other hand, a fully functional pancreas will always engender abundance.

The nurture energy which is the essence of the Goddess Transmissions automatically lays the abundance switch into the “on” position.

This is even more important than your personal “wealth” (although this is of tremendous importance for humanity as a whole) because the belief in lack is the main tool which enables the warmongers to create wars! This is how it works:

Once you have someone firmly convinced that they are in lack, it becomes a simple matter to get them to believe that their lack is caused by someone else. The next step is to inculcate in them a belief that they are justified in attacking that “someone else” in order to reclaim that which has been stolen from them.
Removing lack from everyone’s life by switching the natural abundance back on also makes war impossible because it is clear to everyone that there is nothing to be gained, nothing to be achieved. So, to fulfill the saying: “How would be if they declared war and nobody went?”