A History of Ages


The natural order is in no way fixed or immutable; indeed, it is this fact which makes change and evolution possible. At this point, we should require that the “creationists” and the “evolutionists” give up their silly squabble: It is not “either or” but BOTH ARE TRUE!!! Evolution without creation is a totally silly concept; how can something which has never been, change? The proof that creation is real will be found here: www.karmasingh.tv and then click on the item “The End of the Patriarchy” in the second tag group. Creation without evolution is completely pointless as everything would remain completely static. Evolution is a very visible and indispensable part of creation! So let us now return to our theme.

That something has been in a particular state or form for many thousands of years does not mean that it must for all eternity remain so. Indeed, this is a time in which biologists are seeing great changes in the behaviour of many life forms. Humanity is no exception.

If you are reading this now, you have survived the last period of the patriarchy. The dinosaur is not yet quite dead and can still give a lethal swipe with its tail but the age of materialism is over.
In order that we could experience the patriarchy, a change to the natural order was required.

In the natural order prior to the patriarchy, the female, woman, goddess had the dominant role. Her protection, nurturing and wisdom were the ruling order.

Because the female form more readily expresses the creative power, she is, intrinsically, more powerful that the male form.

A true meeting of souls whereby the man and the woman grow completely open one to the other will, naturally, bring up his deep sense of grief for all that man has done to woman over the millennia. His deep seated insecurity because she, as the guiding and nurturing force has been missing throughout this age comes to the fore. When his conscious mind which constantly seeks to manufacture justifications for what he has done goes away then he lays there bare and open to her hand.

As a last resort to save himself from the damnation of being denied her love and nurture, his unconscious body generates a horrible noise to drive her away. Here we see the true cause of snoring, something which the Goddess Transmissions will also usually eliminate.

What we are to experience is not a reversal of the male/female roles but, for the first time in the history of mankind in this cycle an age in which they are placed as equals.